6:30am 05-12-2015
Dr.Michael Enzmann
Dear Kornman,

since I am a big fan of you, I would like some pictures of persons to the signing send to. Unfortunately I have no address. you could please contact me. I would like to thank you in advance for your efforts and remain

Best regards from Germany

Address: Michael Enzmann
Parlerstrasse 1
72768 Reutlingen
3:37am 04-30-2015
Dear Mildred Kornman
Do you have a fan mail address please? I'd love to write to you! love Martha
2:58am 01-27-2015
jimmy tillitt
Hello Mildred, huge fan of yours, I would love to write to you for an autograph. hope you are well, love all the photos. thank you, jimmy tillitt
2:14pm 01-25-2015
shailesh saigal
hello gorgeous!
4:29pm 01-02-2015
marieadel odinga
I am miss marieadel odinga 25 single female.Your profile i saw made me to write to you and say how are you today.I am for long term relationship that will make us both parties married.Contact me so that i saw my pictures and tel nos

Miss Marieadel
1:17am 11-24-2014
Tom Welch
Its a privilege to tell you how grateful I am. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for such childhood Memories. God Bless you.
1:07pm 07-16-2014
Brad Moore

I'm a fan of silent film, and I was just watching you as a baby in The Nickel Hopper. Were you in Laugh Clown Laugh with Lon Chaney as the young Simonetta? There is no mention of it anywhere, but sure looks like you.

Best, Brad
6:01pm 06-06-2014
Still so absolutely beautiful. I hope all is well.

I'm wondering if you accept fan letters and give autographed photos... I'm willing to pay for mine! It would be such an honor to receive your autograph.


2:23pm 04-26-2014
jayne barnhart
Hello, and happy to hear you will be at the Sons of the Desert Convention, July this year. You and I are sort of compadres...we both went to good old Hollywood High (whose Alumni Day this year is May 16th. Best wishes to you.
8:21pm 04-25-2014
robert hylands
88 ??,,,,not you,,,,,life is a sunrise....A MEN...
5:29pm 04-19-2014
Joyce Kossack
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, always my most beautiful friend, what a thrill to have been a part of your memorable life. I value the time that we shared when I worked for you. You are always in my thoughts and heart. You are special.
Love, Joyce
3:05pm 11-15-2013
Bob Satterfield
Hi John:

Really enjoy your wesbite. Mildred is a dear friend of mine and she will be appearing at the Laurel and Hardy convention in Hollywood in July. Could I use your biography information as I announce her appearance at the convention? Our wesbite is Laureland

12:35am 10-25-2013
james zeruk jr
Dear Ms. VanDusen-

I am the author of Peg Entwistle and the Hollywood Sign Suicide: A Biography (McFarland & Company 2013) and am currently writing the first-ever family authorized book on Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer.

I am hoping that you might allow me a little of your time re this project.

Thank you.
3:55pm 10-09-2013
Ms Van Dusan, you have a beautiful great grandaughter who looks a bit like you when you were modeling. Adriana Hinsey. You can find her on facebook. She is as beautiful inside as out.
3:44pm 08-15-2013
Ric Kaplan
I am a huge admirer of your and was wondering if I could send you a photo to be signed? Is this possible? Please let me know

Thank You
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