10:55pm 08-28-2011
Jeff Berry
Hi Mildred, I enjoyed your site and movies, I learned much more about you and it was quite fun and interesting. Of course in addition to you, one of my all time fav's was your sister and mickey when they played the teacher and truant officer, funny how you can forget so much, yet i remember that short, verbatim. -Firefighter in Flint,( #1 city on FBI list for arsons and crime, not proud of the fact, just my claim to fame-lol) Good luck and thx again for the joy.
1:15pm 08-22-2011
Ricki, just wanted to stop by and say HELLO. I still have fond memories of your stories from when I meet you on the 2008 cruise. Hope all is well.
7:27pm 08-02-2011
Garland Earwood
Ricki, I have enjoyed my trips to help you with your strengthening and balance. It has been a nice adventure to get to know you and Steve. I wish you the very best of life.
5:14pm 06-27-2011
Good evening.
Congratulations for your site.
I just wanted to say you i just added your data on our net movie database "Movie People" (in french "Les Gens du Cinéma".

Here is the link.

I transmit to my site director picture and poster to complete the data.

Sorry for my bad english.

Sincerely Yours.

6:07pm 06-21-2011
Launa Smith
Hi Ricki, love your website!! I used to rent your condo in Carpinteria in the early 80's.You we so kind Love looking at all your lovely photos
1:22am 06-19-2011
Fireman Dan
HI ! Found a great web site of Movie kids "our Gang" reference I have ever seen ..... Your sister was great , so are you ! Sad we are loosing so many former child stars ... Dorothy Deborba, Jackie Cooper ....The silent Our Gangs are so great ! Thank you so much for all the great memories ... Fireman Dan
12:17am 04-26-2011
Jackie Shutt
Had a great time looking and reading your website. My mother was raised on "Our Gang" and are excited when we find a DVD with episodes. I get to see what she grew up on and I'm so grateful because those episodes are better and funnier than shows made today. I'll show her this website because I know she will love it. What stories you have and I'm glad to see you share them.
I was wondering if I could have an autograph, it would mean so much to me.
Thank you so much for taking the time and reading this.
Please stay happy and healthy.
An excited fan,
Jackie Shutt
16709 Bel-Ray Blvd.
Belton, MO 64012
8:43pm 04-19-2011
John Frank
Regarding Autograph Requests:
Thank you all for your interest. At this time Ms. Kornman is unable to fulfill all of your requests for an autograph. We are, however, working on the possibility of being able to offer an authentically signed photo available for you to purchase within the U.S. We will let you know if and when this offer becomes available. Until then thank you for visiting and come again!

Thank you. John Frank site manager
12:21am 04-19-2011
Richard Morgan
Hi Ms Korman! To this day my family and I enjoy watching the "Our Gang" shorts-always entertaining and good for a good time! I was wondering if you would please send me your autograph? Sincerely, Richard Morgan 25 Andiron Lane Brookhaven NY 11719-9534
11:23am 04-17-2011
Paul Lynch
Hi there, I am a VERY big fan and really admire you and your work.You are my favorite actress of all time.I would be honored if you could please send me an autographed photo to add to my Our Gang collection.
Thanks & All Good Wishes,
Paul Lynch
1438 Aralia Drive
Columbia, SC 29205
9:40am 04-12-2011
jorge moreno
hello dear mr john frank ,web designer ,how can i contact with you ??its very important ,i asked by here for an autograph near 2 weeks ago and i dont have anything but i really need it soon cause i have in my hands one movie museum and the signed pict will be there ,thanks
7:20am 04-09-2011
raymond pieters
Dear Miss,

We're Dutch twinbrothers and we love to watch classic movies. By this we also have seen the movies of "Our Gang" and became great admirers of these movies. We would like to ask You politely if it's possible to send us 2 signed photos of Yours? Of course we would like to send You a letter with a SASE since we can imagine You must receive many similar request, you might let us know Your address via our e-mail address. Otherwise we provide You our home-address:

Robert and Raymond Pieters
Koolenstraat 11
6165 XS Geleen, Holland

Miss Kornman, we're looking forward to hear from You. Thank You for Your movies and lots of good health and happiness for You and Your loves ones
6:28pm 04-06-2011
John Frank
Please note that Ms. Kornman does not participate in, a networking site used in soliciting autographs for members.
Thank you, John Frank site manager
7:03am 04-06-2011
Henrik M Hansen
Dear, Ricki VanDusen
Copenhagen April 6, 2011

. Hard to start a letter to a model who stands for something so fabulous and fantastic. I have admired your work for very long. I have done some amateur modeling myself, and therefor recognize talent, something that is beyond just this earth.

So many people thinks that it is so easy to be a model, but I know all the hard work that goes along with it. Tons of hours of preparation before the shot are taking place. You look so good in every picture that is taken of you. Thanks so much for that.

I am not a genius who can say what exactly it is that is so outstanding about your performance, but you have for many years been a constant inspiration and source for so much entertainment for me and I bet so many others.

I used to be a sales manager in Retail, but currently unemployed, financial crises has hit here. But after rain there is always sun.

I would love to receive an autographed photo of youself, but know you must receive hundreds of letters and can not possible answer them all, but if you have time, you would make my month and year.

Thank you in advance, you have made my day.
Thank you for giving me so much to enjoy.

Henrik M Hansen
Esromgade 22, 3 floor
2200 Copenhagen N
3:20am 04-01-2011
Reijo Sippola
Dear Ms Kornman

I have seen Our Gang in TV and enjoyed it very much. Please let me know if it is possible to get an autographed photo. I can send you a self addressed envelope.

With very best wishes

Reijo Sippola. Finland, Europe.
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