11:34am 07-16-2021
Steve W.
Just saw a scene from Rafter Romance, and it looks very much like Mary, although she is not listed in the credits. I have it on my computer.
9:19pm 07-10-2021
John Frank
6:12pm 05-30-2021
Barbara Wolfson
Hi, Ricki,
It’s been way too long since we connected. I only hope you are still as strong and healthy and happy as I remember. I’ll see if I have a phone number and try it. Meanwhile, perhaps this will reach you. Hope so.
8:18am 05-22-2021
Christopher Chipps
Hello Mildred, I just wanted say I've been a huge fan of Our Gang/The Little Rascals for years and remember seeing you in a few episodes.
5:30pm 05-02-2021
Richard A Rosenzweig
is there a book out there on your life including the our gang years
11:55pm 01-22-2021
Mike DiTore
As best as I can tell,you and Billy Watson are two of the last living people to appear silent movie. You are a legend. Wishing you many more years of health and happiness.
11:26am 12-31-2020
G Richman
Just wanted to say hello to a living legend! Hi Mildred!!!
9:20pm 12-05-2020
Jan Hansen
Ricki - I have lost touch with you and I miss you so much! Can you or Vanessa respond to let me know where you are and HOW you are? JAN
4:33pm 09-15-2020
Randy Delcore
Hello Ricki!!!
Just checking in with my favorite patient!!! I miss you and hope you are well!!! I've tried calling many times.....but no success.
1:59am 09-01-2020
James Lacy
Lovely lady! Not too many people have two successful careers, both as a child and as an adult!
10:11pm 08-23-2020
Alfred Dibble
Keep on truckin Lady! You’re part of days gone by. Aka the golden age!
2:21pm 08-09-2020
Tricia Slone
Came across your name in a random internet list so I decided to look you up since I was intrigued that you chose to leave the Hollywood scene early in your career. I'm amazed that your modeling career started AFTER giving birth to your first child. The world was classier back then.
8:14pm 07-10-2020
John Frank
Happy Birthday Ricki!
9:33pm 04-28-2020
Eddie Machete
Dear Mildred:

I cannot tell you what a huge fan of yours that I am! I absolutely love "Our Gang." I have so many episodes (uncut) on DVD! I have been so fortunate throughout the years to get the autographs of "Lassie" Lou Ahern, Tommy "Butch" Bond, Sidney Kibrick, Robert Blake, etc. There so few of the great actors, like yourself, still alive. However, I hope you are doing well! Those timeless classics will live forever! I believe Bob Hope said it best, "thanks for the memories."

11:18am 04-26-2020
Richard A Rosenzweig
Big fan. hope you are well.
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