4:29pm 08-25-2023
Dan Knoll
A life well lived...what a fantastic journey....RIP, you will be missed , but always remembered
11:01am 05-19-2023
klaus moeller
Good Morning from Venice Beach. I am trying to reach Vanessa. We recently purchased the RKO Studio archive and in that found a 10" by 8" vintage negative of the famous shot by Eugene (the one Warhol "used". Would love to do an edition of Estate prints with troyalties going to his grand daughters! I think it would be a fun project, especially in light of the recent court ruling. I used to own the Celebrity Vault Gallery in Beverly Hills and represented many of the top celebrity photographers (Bert Stern, Douglas Kirkland, Terry O'Neill, etc.) You can see some of our photos here. I really hope to hear from you - let's have some fun!!!
7:50pm 05-15-2023
I wound up on this page because we watched “Fishy Hook”, an Our Gang episode, on YouTube. I looked up Mary and saw Mildred’s name. Then I ended up here. What a stunning, lovely lady! I’m certain she was even lovelier inside and is greatly missed. What a wonderful tribute/ memorial you have here. Thank you for sharing ❤️
10:09pm 09-16-2022
Takashi Kato

I was a friend of Rikki-san when she lived in Monterey, CA. I always remember the photo she displayed at her house "Porcelain Girl" I miss her.....

1:07am 08-27-2022
Cyndi Phillips
That was fun reading about her famous career and seeing photos and acting
She will certainly be missed in your house
Look forward to sitting and listening to more stories like she was telling in the park years ago
10:42pm 08-24-2022
Paul Mantell
Or call me with my name by (501) 247-1549.
7:54pm 08-24-2022
Paul Mantell
You know, I was going to have you star in a new film since ‘68 titled, “The Red Ranger” but too bad filming was pushed too soon. Rest In Peace Mildred :,(
2:18pm 08-21-2022
10:03pm 07-31-2022
Aleta Luebke
My great great aunt was in the silent movies too. Do you remember someone named Anita King. Her original name was Anna Keppen. She was in The Race and later owned race horses. I have looked at many of your pictures and read many pieces on you. You were and are still so beautiful! Have a lovely day!
1:06pm 07-09-2022
Loren Alf Hansen
🎉🎈Happy🎂Birthday🎈Ricki 🎶and many more 🎶🎶
Hey Ricki, Remember me ? Loren Alf (Hansen) from Oxnard, remember ?
I’ve been trying to call you, but the number I have just rings & rings with no answer !
I hope you are doing well and would love to hear from you. Please call me as I have some photos of you & Walt at a photo shoot in a citrus grove
And my Bentley… remember that time when you lived in Carpenteria ?
Anyway, please reply to this message with your number to [email protected]
Or call me at my condo in Port Hueneme… 818-674-1976…btw I remarried my ex for health reasons which I’ll tell you all about.
Anyway, call me ! Miss ya ! Love ya !
Happy Birthday !
11:34am 07-16-2021
Steve W.
Just saw a scene from Rafter Romance, and it looks very much like Mary, although she is not listed in the credits. I have it on my computer.
9:19pm 07-10-2021
John Frank
6:12pm 05-30-2021
Barbara Wolfson
Hi, Ricki,
It’s been way too long since we connected. I only hope you are still as strong and healthy and happy as I remember. I’ll see if I have a phone number and try it. Meanwhile, perhaps this will reach you. Hope so.
8:18am 05-22-2021
Christopher Chipps
Hello Mildred, I just wanted say I've been a huge fan of Our Gang/The Little Rascals for years and remember seeing you in a few episodes.
5:30pm 05-02-2021
Richard A Rosenzweig
is there a book out there on your life including the our gang years
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