11:30am 11-19-2019
Joan Simone
Dear Mildred, Just looking up the living Little Rascals and so glad to learn of your long fortunate career and admire your beautiful photos. My generation grew up mesmerized in front of out TV's and our parents and grandparents in movie theaters by your and the others wonderful acting and endearing qualities and talents for such young children. Everyone recalls that scene with feeding the baby the medicine now I know it was you! Wishing you well. Joan Simone
6:27pm 09-17-2019
Mark Paulsen
Hi Ricki,
I hope you are doing well. I am a fan of your great accomplishments and life. I would love to send you a couple of your photos to hopefully have you sign for me. Best wishes, thank you very much & God bless you.
6:23pm 09-16-2019
marlene daniels fund
mickey daniels niece, richards grandaughter recently found the family home in la
love your dads
what a life you all had
ty mf
1:56pm 09-07-2019
Mildred please write when you can please.
6:31pm 07-11-2019
John Frank
Happy Birthday Ricki!!
4:27pm 06-14-2019
Anthony Bishop
I can not begin to tell you how much I enjoyed the Rascals when I was a child and still look at them now when I need a good laugh. Thank you for the part you played in bringing laughter into my life and for all the others who were blessed by your work. I can not imagine how much you added to the lives of people going through the Great Depression.
1:59am 06-01-2019
I knew you many years ago in the 80s when you were friends with my mom, Barbara. For some reason you popped into my head this morning and having found your website, I just wanted to say hello
10:41pm 05-31-2019
Frank Aden
I am the VP of the we are looking to do a tribute to Mary and Mildred and was wonder how Mary came to be born in Idaho Falls (makes us Idahoan's very Proud!)
12:17am 12-05-2018
ross rosen
I loved you and your sister in the Our Gang comedies I grew up watching them The Silents and the Comedies from the 1930's I was born in 1957. I still enjoy watching them When I watch Weazer I know he died in army air crash when he was only 20years old he was a very brave man I wish you the best please realize that that Comedies mean a lot to a lot of people. I wish you Good Health and Blessings uo were a top Model Bless You
2:10pm 09-08-2018
Priscilla O
Hello Mildred, just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy watching you as a toddler in the silent Our Gang comedies. You were an absolutely adorable child! It would a lot if I could get an autograph from you!
Happy late birthday to you, wishing you all the best!!
11:53am 08-31-2018
Bill Janocha
Ms. Kornman, It is delightful that you continue to be with your family and friends and the entertaining and inspiring film work you performed in your youth still excite and intrigue.
I am a cartoonist who has worked on the ' Beetle Bailey' comic strip and I would love to mail you something special of our comics, if I knew where to ! It would be an honor to share our craft with you and wish you health and happiness. Reply if you can. Best !
2:15pm 08-21-2018
You are still with us!
1:33pm 07-15-2018
jorge moreno
Happy belated birthday to a wonderful lady !!!
3:49am 07-10-2018
Barry Homan
Happy happy 93rd birthday from an Our Gang fan in Denmark! I still enjoy watching you and your sister in the old silents. My earliest childhood memories are of watching the Our Gang/Mischief Makers tv episodes, in the early 60s - narrated by Bobby and Bunny. I hope your 93rd birthday is extra special, wishing you all the very best!
10:42pm 07-07-2018
Morgan Massey
I had the pleasure of sitting next to Ricky on a flight to Las Vegas six days before her 93rd birthday. We chatted of hot coffee, the lack of airplane amenities (“things aren’t like they used to be&rdquo and of her incredible career. Thank you for sharing your story with me Ricky it is a moment I cherish. Happiest of birthday wishes to you!

Many happy returns,
Morgan Massey
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