11:00pm 04-05-2013
Linda Niven
Wonderful to see you looking so beautiful ! You had quite a fashionable influence on me back in the Rudi Gernreich days. I wish I still had those wonderful clothes !
Linda Niven
10:25pm 01-30-2013
just saw your entrance in the 'dolly sisters'. walked like a true runway model in total command of the room...impressive enough i've spent the last hr. researching your fine accomplishment. the cover fashion photography simply stunning, especially the one of you with the hat and your left hand gracing your face! wow. at any rate, you look as lovely today and thank you for an interesting read. btw...i'm a cinematographer and truly appreciate your style.
6:33pm 01-08-2013
Still absolutely gorgeous.
6:16am 01-08-2013
Fredric M London
You are an amazing lady, very beautiful, with a wide variety of talents. It is a pleasure to meet you!

8:20pm 01-04-2013
Richard Vella
HI Mrs. Hinsey
This is Richard Vella from Taft High. I was surprised and very happy to have found your e-mail address.
How are you? It has been years since we last talked. You were living in Carpenteria on a sail boat.
I hope you are doing well and would love to hear from you. I have also
been trying to get in touch with Steve and cannot locate him.

My brother Carl and I send our warmest wishes for a Happy New Year.
Richard (714) 231 - 8392
11:48am 12-17-2012
Alan Ada
I had the good fortune to sit next to you on the plane from Honolulu to San Diego just before Christmas 2012..
You are as beautiful as your modeling pics.
Still "porcelin eyes".
Warmest regards
5:10pm 11-18-2012
What A Beautiful Lady! - Thank you for the memories! - Love & Prayers Always, Stephen G Romero -
6:41pm 11-06-2012
Getty Museum
I am writing on behalf of the Getty Research Institute in Los Angeles searching for copyright information for Gene Korman. Any information would be much appreciated.

Getty Research Institute
10:45am 10-14-2012
Russell r. Hurst
just want to say hello, I'm a big fan of the little rascals, and your sister Mary, I wish you well.
11:12pm 09-21-2012
Gigi Goranova
It was wonderful meeting you out here at Tuscany in Las Vegas, NV. Thank you so much for sharing your time and part of your life with me. I looked over some of your pictures and read through your accomplishments, I met a LEGENDARY SUPER STAR! I'm from a small country and meeting somebody like you really made me feel special. I can't thank you enough! I even made my boyfriend write this message to, you.
2:40pm 09-06-2012
tom wroblewski
Hello ....your the greatest ...:-) :-)
Love you.:-)
7:11am 08-09-2012
Sally Gordon-Mark
I just sent a message, but I can't tell if it went through or not. Please contact me! Thank you. Sally Gordon-Mark
7:10am 08-09-2012
Sally Gordon-Mark
Dear Ms. Kornman,

Please contact me as I used to live at an address in Studio City where it is said that your father had lived: 12051 Hoffman Street. In the 'early 70s, a woman came to see me, asking to see the apartment where I lived, which I showed her, and I believe it might have been your sister Mary.

I would be very grateful if you would let me know if anyone in your family did ever live there; it was a building that was brought over from Beverly Hills in sections in 1926.

Thank you very much,
Sally Gordon-Mark, France
10:57pm 07-31-2012
Leslie Venuti
Thank-you for sharing! Simply wonderful and so beautiful then and now.
1:24pm 05-15-2012
Mark S. Zaid
Dear Ms. Kornman:

We are writing to you today about a matter that we hope will touch your heart and recall fond memories of the days when you were a member of Hal Roach's "Our Gang/Little Rascals" series. Although "Our Gang" celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, the show still influences and entertains audiences to such an extent that we are compelled to seek your assistance about a disturbing situation.

As you may recall, from 1929 to 1931, Norman Myers Chaney played the part of "Chubby", AKA "Chubsy-Ubsy". Sadly, in 1936, at just the young age of 21, Norman lost his life to a glandular ailment and this made him the first of the Our Gang kids to depart from our physical world. Although he was only a member of the cast for a brief period, his involvement is well-remembered by so many of us.

We were shocked and stunned to learn that due to his family's hardships, Norman is currently buried in an unmarked grave in Baltimore, Maryland. We view this as an unacceptable travesty, and would like to give back to someone who gave so much to the world. As such, we have initiated an effort to raise the necessary funds to erect an appropriate headstone to mark Norman's final resting place. We are also going to try and obtain a headstone for his mother if funds permit.

A story that appeared in the Baltimore Sun on May 11, 2012, can be found here:,0,1858782.story

As a fellow cast member of such an elite group, we are hopeful that you would be willing to lend your support to our effort. We are not, however, seeking financial assistance from you. Frankly, you have already given so much to the world with your acting contributions over the decades. But we would like to have you publicly lend your name to the effort as well as make yourself available, to the extent possible, for any interviews, whether tv, radio or newspaper, so that we can help spread the word of this fund-raising endeavor. Should you be unable to participate in any interviews, we would ask that you supply some quotes that we can disseminate to the media to help generate donations and acknowledge your support.

Once successful in our effort we hope to hold a public ceremony at Norman's gravesite and, of course, were you able we would love for you to attend to honor his memory. In essence, this effort is being done as much for Norman as it is for all of the members of the "Our Gang" series who continue to bring smiles to children and adults throughout the world.

You can contact me if you have any questions or wish to discuss our efforts. We really appreciate your consideration and hope to hear from you soon. And we also truly thank you for bring smiles to our lives.
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