7:15pm 03-26-2011
mike russell
really big fan and was trying to receive an autograph our gang photo/thanks/ mike russell 259 willard st lexington ky 40508
6:53pm 03-26-2011
mike nauer
can i please have an autograph of the prettyiest our gang member please
6:21pm 03-26-2011
Love our gang. Can I get a signed photo? Thanks. Janetta
6:15pm 03-26-2011
Jeff Tweedy
Hi, you are still beautiful . love our gang. i hope your doing well. anyway i can get a signed photo? hope to hear from you. Best wishes. Peace..... jeff
9:10pm 02-19-2011
Millie O'Connor
I absolutely love your site. You were and are a beautiful woman. You are truly blessed and I'm happy to hear you are doing so well. Thank you so much for sharing all this with us. I would love an autographed photo of you. Could you tell me how I can get one?
A fan,
Millie O'Connor

11:36pm 01-25-2011
Faye Vassar
Very very wonderful site you have.Enjoyed all of it.You seem like your a beautiful person inside as you are outside.Thank you for sharing.
All the best,
A fan,
Faye Vassar
11:57am 01-21-2011
Nancy Wilbert
It was truely an honor to meet you, you are such an Icon and you inspire me to chase after my dreams, I love all of your photography, I have always been into learning about fashion and I can see that you have a classic style that will last for all generations . Thank you for being so kind, GOD bless you and your family.
12:08am 01-21-2011
Roberta Ott Shiflet
It was a pleasure to meet you in person today. I am in awe of you. You are still as gorgeous as in your earlier modeling days. Please look for me to say hello next time you are in my area. You have a new huge fan! Roberta Ott AKA Roberta Shiflet
5:37pm 01-12-2011
Theresa Marie
You are absolutely beautiful .....I pray i look as good as you come that time

May God Bless all your footsteps
Theresa Marie xoxo
7:28am 01-11-2011
John Frank
While removing five spam messages left today, any recent postings where also eliminated despite my "ticking" only the spam. My apologies to those who left such nice words and thoughts. Please feel free to repost. In the meantime, I will contact 123Guestbook to alert them of this problem. Thank-you
Sincerely, John Frank
10:09am 12-24-2010
John Frank
Merry Christmas Ricki! John
5:03pm 12-23-2010
Sylvia Schulze
Hallo Ricki !
I would be very pleased about an autograph of you ,have not adress.
[Merry Christmas and a happy new year
10:52pm 12-16-2010
Sandra Jones
It was truly a pleasure meeting you at CVS today. Thank you for the positive comments. It really made my day. I really enjoyed learning all about you. I hope you have a wonderful visit in Monterey and that you do come by and visit us at the Aquarium any time!
6:18pm 10-22-2010
Hi Ricki,
Huge fan of yours!! I've been trying to find a way to contact you to request an autograph from you. I couldn't find anything on your beautiful website.

Lots of Love,
Joey K.
12:43pm 10-21-2010
Sarah Nielsen

Steve came in here to the Enterprise Rent-a-car office here in cedar city to pick up the garage door opener he left. Anyway he gave me the link to your website and I LOVE IT! Your pictures are so pretty! I'm so lucky I got to meet you and Steve. You are both always so nice to talk to. Just know if you ever need a rental car for any reason i'm always here to take care of you guys! Your story is amazing thank you for sharing it with me!
Hope to see you again.

Sarah Nielsen
"Enterprise girl"
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