2:55pm 11-21-2008
jimmy tillitt
hello, what a great site about mildred and mary, two lovely ladies. i love the rascals, i grew up in southern california in the 1970's and channel 52 (uhf) always had "our gang" on, on saturdays. also, thank you for the great photograph, i love it.
jimmy tillitt
2:10pm 11-13-2008
joseph di sipio
Thanks for your help, Rikki did contact me. Joseph
9:57pm 11-09-2008
Darlene McCarty
Hello Mildred....Gene Kornmann is and was my uncle. I don't know if you and I have ever met. Uncle Gene was married to my Aunt Kitty. He use to always sing a silly little song to me when they came out to visit us. He was so nice. Uncle Gene and Aunt Kitty spent alot of time in the last days visiting the hot spas out in the desert area. I wish I had pictures to donate to you, but unfortunatlly someone took them before the probate of the court was finished. I was expecting to find alot of his work. Never did??? Any way I just really enjoyed your story here, such a pleasure! So I just wanted to say Hello and God Bless. Love and best wishes, Darlene McCarty (Thomas).
11:12am 11-09-2008
Dan Dickerson
Hi Mildred~ My family is related to Kendall McComas (Breezy Brisbane) I've seen you've been asked this quit a few times. But how can we get an Our Gang Autographed photo? Cheers, Dan
12:25am 10-28-2008
Drina Mohacsi
Hello Mildred... You are in the Young Entertainers Directory. I finally have the website up and running... You can check out the website out at you are listed under the 1920's... I still have a lot of work to do on the site... but I though you might like to see it so far...
Thanks!! Drina
2:59pm 10-23-2008
Joseph Di Sipio
Rikki, I lost your phone number, I tried to telephone today and realized I just had your S.D. number. Your name came up over dinner last night, get in touch with me so I can talk to you. Hisae sends her love.
I hope you get this message. Whoever is in charge of this mail, I am a close, personal friend, and I would appreciate it if you could get this to her. Thank you.
Joseph Di Sipio
3:08am 10-22-2008
jimmy tillitt
hello mildred, i think you are a lovely woman and i love all of your work as an actor. i read that you also played a teacher on little rascals? what age wrer you then and what episode was it? i would love to get an autographed photo from you as a rascal, can i buy one on this website or mail for one. thank you for answering my questions and for your time. your fan, jimmy tillitt
2:46pm 08-03-2008
Bobby Kerrigan
Hi Mildred, My name is Bobby Kerrigan and I reside in San Jose California. I had sent a mail to you last year and you were kind enough to help me by getting some pictures of you as an Adult Actress, and I love them so. I am a "LITTLE RASCALS / OUR GANG" Fan so very much. I was wondering if perhaps at all possible if there may possibly be a way to obtain pictures of you with "THE LITTLE RASCALS" perhaps signed. Even if I would have to pay. I really enjoy watching your show ' THE LITTLE RASCALS" and look forward to hearing from you. YOUR GREAT MILDRED. Thank You ever so much for taling time ou of what Im certain is a very busy schedule for my mail to you and I truely hope all is going VERY WELL FOR YOU.
Very Sincerely,

11:21am 07-19-2008
Sarah Zaret
Hello, my name is Sarah Zaret before that I was Sarah Baker. Your father Gene Kornman was my great grandfather. I am eager to get in touch with you. You can visit my myspace under Sarah Zaret. I don't have a direct e-mail for you but I would like to get in touch if you don't mind. Please respond, I woul greatly appreciate it.
10:53am 07-13-2008
Ricki, Happy belated Birthday ! Sorry I did not get to see you again on the ship, I got sick. Hope things went well with the visit to your brothers. It was a real pleasure meeting you and listening to your tales.You are a beautiful and classy lady !

Glad I found your web pages again !

12:31am 07-12-2008
My gosh, what a beautiful person you are! I am an Our Gang fan from childhood, and I remember seeing you as a baby (of course, I was 10 and it was 1980). I am so happy you've had such a nice life, full of family, career, and interest! I just learned of your modeling career through Wikipedia. You, your sister, and your father are groundbreakers. I honor your legend as a child star and modeling icon. All my best wishes to you!
12:52am 03-14-2008
Rebecca Makely
It's Rebecca Makely (Young) from Scripps Clinic. Hope your trip to SD was great. Hope all is well with you. Please email me. I would love to send you wedding pictures. Take Care and talk soon!
12:24pm 11-20-2007
sage and shyenne
Hey Cute lady. What an awesome website. We enjoyed our time with you so much. Shyenne is looking forward to visiting more with you not just about modeling but just to get to know you . We love you lady. Take care
2:32am 09-03-2007
I`m a big fan of Our Gang. I live in Germany and I would like to have an autographed photo from you. How could I get one? I would be very happy to hear from you.

12:51pm 08-16-2007
Frank Reighter
A friend of mine, who lives in Wales, and doesn't have a computer, wants to buy an autographed picture from the Little Rascals era. How would he go about it? Let me know, and I'll tell him when he calls me.
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