3:31pm 09-29-2010
Daniel Rose
My 13 year old daughter, is a huge Our Gang follower. She has photos signed by all of the survivers except you. I was wondering if you could send her a signed photo of yourself ? She would absolutely be in shock if you sent her one. Thanks for all the laughs Daniel Rose
9:50pm 09-12-2010
Gina Irizarry
Hi Ms. Kornman,
I met a distant relative for the first time yesterday at a family reunion. His name is John Frank, the creator of this site. He gave me this web address; Its wonderful. My kids are Our Gang fans. Out of curiosity, did you ever model at Vogue Wright Studios in NYC? My uncle, Dominick Garofalo was head fashion photographer there from about 1940-1980. He passed away three years ago at age 90. You are incredibly gorgeous!
5:08pm 08-14-2010
Lorette Downing
Hi Aunt Mildred, I'm looking forward to seeing you next Thursday. Pete can't make it because he had previous plans. Just viewed all of your pictures and thought they were just wonderful. I'm so glad you included some of Gramps work. Love Lorette.
4:32pm 08-14-2010
lorie adamo
Hi Mildred. I just discovered your website and wanted to let you know I'm your Great Niece. My Great Grandfather was Eugene Kornman A.K.A. Gramps. My Grandmother was Maureen Kornman. My Mother is Lorette. It's wonderful to read about Gramps and to see all your wonderful pictures. I will be seeing you next week.
Love Lorie.
2:22am 06-24-2010
Adele Rancourt
Stumbled on to this website... remembering our next door neighbors. Do you recall the Edmonds? My brothers Bill and Mike, and me (Adele) known then as Delzie. (Our parents Bill and Adele Edmonds senior.) I would love to hear about Steve and Darrah, their families and where they reside. We remember you all very well, Mary, Ralph, the ranch and some wonderful childhood memories of learning to swim in your pool!
2:42pm 06-15-2010
Mildred, you are such a beautiful person inside and out.
Thank you for this wonderful site.
Looking at your pictures from then and now you look just as beautiful and in my opinion you look even more beautiful as days pass.
I love you, thank you for all the things you've done. <333
10:43pm 06-08-2010
Janet Hazen
Mildred, it's nice to see your web site. You look amazing! Are you familiar with the Our Gang Yahoo group?
It is a great discussion forum about all eras of the Gang. Jean Darling posts regularly on it. Hope you'll visit and join us!
10:11am 06-03-2010
Kenton Ownbey
Thank you for the very interesting information on your own life/career and that of your sister. I have been following the thread since we restored and moved into 1211 11th St. in Greeley Colorado and your sister's husband's family lived in the houses (castle) next door to us. The Greeley historical society has some information regarding your sister, but hopefully they can assemble additional memories.

11:36am 02-22-2010
I'm so glad to have found this wonderful site. I'm currently building a expansive Our Gang trivia site with separate bios for the Rascals and the child stars who played them. If anyone wants to see it; contact me for the link.
5:57pm 12-24-2009
John Frank
Merry Christmas Ricki! John
9:11am 10-02-2009
David Brayshaw
Just a note to agree with others that you, Mildred, did find the career that best suited you -- that of a model. Exceptional, really.
1:05am 09-04-2009
sherry Bytheway
Dear Mildred,
My mom, Lorna Dehlbom, lived for a time with Gene and Kitty in the 1930s. Gene took a picture of her with her mom(my grandma) in black and white with makeup. We also still have a large photo of Gene and Kitty from that time. Did you ever remember seeing my mom? I would be happy to share the photos with you.
Sincerely, Sherry Bytheway
11:33am 08-05-2009
Bobby Kerrigan


6:48pm 08-04-2009
Bobby Kerrigan
Hi Mildred, My name is Bobby Kerrigan and I reside in San Jose California. I had sent a mail to you last year and you were kind enough to help me by getting some pictures of you as an Adult Actress, and I love them so. I am a "LITTLE RASCALS / OUR GANG" Fan so very much. I was wondering if perhaps at all possible if there may possibly be a way to obtain pictures of you with "THE LITTLE RASCALS" perhaps signed for my 2 Brothers. Even if I would have to pay. I really enjoy watching your show ' THE LITTLE RASCALS" and look forward to hearing from you. YOUR GREAT MILDRED. Thank You ever so much for taling time ou of what Im certain is a very busy schedule for my mail to you and I truely hope all is going VERY WELL FOR YOU.
Very Sincerely,

12:25pm 07-28-2009
Chuck Acquisto
Dear Ms. Kornman:

I am working on my daughter Gabrielle's very special birthday present. Gabrielle ("Gabbie" turns 6 on September 8, 2008. However, this special present is for her 16th birthday (luckily, giving me 11 more years to put this birthday gift together). Gabrielle loves to travel, read, draw, sing, dance, swim, tumble and play with her two Beagles (Leo and Emma).

My goal is to collect personal letters to Gabrielle from a host of talented women of all ages from a variety of careers and backgrounds who would serve as wonderful role models. Given your amazing success as an actress and model ("First supermodel", I am hoping you may be able to write to Gabrielle a letter answering the following question:

"What is the best lesson you have learned in life?"

I can send electronically or via snail mail to you a blank letter for you to handwrite your advice to Gabrielle or you may use your own stationary. Please let me know what works for you. I attached Daryn Kagan's blogvideo about this project for Gabbie:

I thank you for your time and consideration.


Chuck Acquisto
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